Crisis Management

In a distressed situation, time is of the essence. The debtor company’s credibility may be diminished. Management and employees are operating under significant stress. We can provide the following services:

Assessment / Audit

  • Determine whether the core business can be saved
  • Management capability assessment. Determine the need for “stay bonuses.”
  • Pre-petition cash planning, manage cash, working capital / liquidity analysis

Intervention / Communications

  • The company can lose credibility and cooperation if inquirers are given inaccurate or conflicting information
  • Develop an appropriate communications program and become the spokesperson

Recovery Plan

  • Define alternative courses of action and assess risks and benefits of each. Consider only alternatives that are actionable.
  • Build consensus among key stakeholders
  • Lead and implement the consensus solution.
  • Financial advice to class of creditors, such as the unsecured creditors. In this situation, we would help a particular class of creditors to maximize their position.
  • Minimize value diminution due to bankruptcy.

Pre Petition Mediation Services
Bankruptcy can be very expensive and time consuming. Companies may want to avoid a bankruptcy filing.

  • Develop reasonable forecasts, restore credibility with lenders and implement plans to increase cash flow.
  • Perform a liquidation analysis of alternatives and range of valuation.
  • Mediate an acceptable level of value to the various classes of creditors.
  • Develop consensus among the various stakeholders
  • Develop recapitalization plan that minimizes dilution to equity holders.

Chief Restructuring Officer and Other Interim Management 

We bring management to the distressed situation

  • Control of cash
  • Manage the turnaround of the debtor company.
  • Bring leadership that is skilled at difficult situations.
  • Provide effective day to day management that deals with liquidity and operational issues.
  • Implement the strategy
  • Coordinate communications with government agencies, DIP lenders, and bankruptcy court.

Why JFC?

  • Hands on, senior operating experience CPA and former chairman of the NYS Society of CPA’s Publishing Committee.
  • A proven track record for successfully managing distressed operations.
  • Broad based expertise in the media industry.
  • Network of potential strategic buyers, PE firms, lending institutions, and hedge funds
  • Prepared to mobilize quickly
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