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Worried about the Cyber-Safety of your Business? How you can avoid E-mail Scams.

Posted by Jack Craven on Fri , Jul 10 , 2015

A common belief of identity theft is that it occurs mostly to individuals, for example when social security numbers and other personal information are obtained.  Businesses are also subject to identity impersonation.  The remainder of this article discusses business e-mail scams, and the best practices for minimizing their likelihood as suggested by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (“FBI”).

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Topics: embezzlement, Bonnier, Business E-mail Scams, Keith Kelly, Pfishing, cyber security

You work hard for your money: How every entrepreneur can establish internal controls

Posted by Jack Craven on Mon , Sep 29 , 2014

As an entrepreneur, you work hard for your money. There is almost nothing worse than experiencing pilferage, embezzlement, and other types of misappropriation. Internal controls are extremely important to the entrepreneurial company. 

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Topics: internal control, fraud, embezzlement