A Roadmap for Startup NY

Posted by Jack Craven on Wed , May 21 , 2014

A Roadmap for Startup NY

We get many questions regarding the process to obtain approval for the Startup NY tax breaks. We have previously mentioned that Startup NY can be quite complicated. With this in mind we felt it would be helpful to prepare a road map to Startup NY. Please call us at 212-605-0276 if you have any questions.

The first step in the process comes from the Universities and Colleges; they must apply to New York State and receive approval. Once they have been approved, the business must apply to the approved University or College. After this, the University or College must approve the business. However, we have been told that businesses with over 100 net new jobs may deal directly with New York State Empire Development and bypass these past two steps. In the final step the approved application needs to go on to New York state officials. New York State will help any interested businesses in finding an approved University or College.

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