104 Tax Deductions for Media Freelancers, Consultants and Entertainers

Posted by Jack Craven on Mon , Feb 02 , 2015

Whether you do your own tax return or use the services of a CPA firm, MediaCPAs.com Guide: “104 Tax Deductions” will help you: Have you taken all of the allowable tax write-offs? Are you a media freelancer, internet consultant, independent media consultant, entertainer, (for example, a 1099 staffer who operates as a sole practitioner or LLC)? If so, you are a media entrepreneur and you are treated for tax purposes as a business.

We want to help you avoid losing legitimate tax deductions and make sure that you pay the lowest possible income taxes. We have put together the attached white-paper: “104 Tax Deductions: A guide for the Media Freelancer, Entertainers, and Independent Contractor.” tax purposes as being a business. Most of the costs of your business are tax-deductible.

Our free guide will help you to:

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