Lower Your Income Taxes--Mid Year Tax Review - Part 1

Posted by Jack Craven on Sat , Jul 27 , 2013

Now is a good time to do a mid year tax checkup.
Tax laws are complicated. In an effort to provide some  "bite sized chunks" on how to  cut your taxes, we are issuing our midyear tax planning update in two parts.
  • Part 1, which follows, contains three steps to take now to cut your 2013 income taxes: know your tax bracket, investment planning and business planning.
  • Part 2, which will be issued next week, covers the  impact if the new Medicare tax applies to you, tax benefits of health savings accounts and who needs to pay estimated taxes                  
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Selling Your Business

Posted by Jack Craven on Fri , Jul 19 , 2013

Selling your business can be an emotional and life-changing event. On the “big day” of sale, hopefully, you may realize a once in a lifetime payoff. It could be that you have spent years building the business. Alternatively, your business could be a relatively new growing interactive business that you are cashing out.

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